That of cutting hair and a beard is a family tradition. In the distant 1930 my grandfather Zeno started and opened a barber shop in Rome. Later – in the 60s – it will be my father Salvatore to inherit and take over my grandfather’s barber shop. Finally I, who at age 13 I practiced in the salon of my father and I stole the trade with his eyes. On the other hand, I have always had enthusiasm and passion for this work: it is probably written in the DNA. After 18 years I started working at Enzo in Corso Rinascimento, one of the most famous barber shops in Rome. That was a fundamental experience for me. Enzo, in those years, was the barber of trust of the Presidents of the Republic, it is there that I studied and that I specialized. Moreover, not even on purpose, I continued to practice my profession, even during military service in the Navy. In fact on board of the Grecale Mistral-class ship I had a barber where I cut my hair to the officers and the troops. After the military I worked for Luigi in via amba aradam in the San Giovanni area. Later I went to work in Via Montebello, and it is there that gradually I began to manage the store by myself. Then always there, I put on my own and I made my first experiences as an entrepreneur. But it was in 2000 that I really decided to take the big leap. In fact, I moved from via Montebello and opened the new salon of the current Barber Shop in via Castelfidardo 48b.

Luca Conti, barbiere, parrucchiere, barber, hairdresser in Roma