Are you looking for a hairdresser or a Barber Shop in Rome? Do you need to cut or check your hair? Do you want to shave, shorten, cure and / or shape your beard? Or do you want to completely change your look with a different hairstyle or with an unusual color? Well, this means that the time has come to dedicate some time to yourself. So take a little ‘relaxation and entrust the expert hands of the hair dresser Luca that scissor tip will create a perfect shade of your hair.

Hair cut and fold

Luca Conti Barber Shop specializes in cutting for men and children. The salon creates custom cuts according to customer tastes and preferences. It also creates cuts and hairstyles for short, long and curly hair, based on the latest trends and novelties: shaded, raised and backwards, military cuts, high tufts, vintage, modern, scaled etc. In addition to this, it performs anti-fall and anti-dandruff treatments with products of the highest quality. Luca cuts the hair using scissors, which may take longer, but allows you to create a more creative cut, a particular style, different lengths and textures.

Face cleaning

When you start cleaning your face it is important to analyze and identify with certainty the skin type of the client and then be able to apply the appropriate specific products. After which a peeling mask with vaporizer is applied to act in depth. This allows the removal of cells on the surface and facilitates the opening of the pores. Then continue with the squeezing and elimination of blackheads and facial massage with a cream that normalizes the skin’s pH. Finally, a clay mask is applied to purify the toxins and promote the penetration of the active ingredients

Beard cutting and shaping

Full shaving of the beard. For a perfect shave, start with Pre-shave, soaping with a brush and shaving. Then, second soaping and second shave. Finally aftershave massage and warm cloth. Modeling finishing and/or reduction. It starts with comb and scissors to shape the beard. Then pre-shave on the neck and cheek, soaping and finishing with the razor. Finally massage with aftershave and warm cloth. Reconditioning. For a soft beard, perfumed and cared for, specific products apply, warm cloth and a detangling massage.

Groom hairstyle

Do you have doubts about which hairstyle to choose for your wedding? Then you need a hairdresser, like Luca, who can understand which hairstyle fits the face and personality of his client. And then the wedding day, to feel at ease, it is better not to upset the usual look. Instead if you want to completely change your outfit, your salon can make any hairstyle: classic, vintage, modern, fake unkempt, wet effect, care and finishing of long hair and / or hedgehog. And finally the eventual shaping, cutting and finishing of beard and mustache.

Hair coloring

For a professional tint of your hair, whether permanent or temporary, it is important to diagnose your hair and the complexion of your face. This will serve to choose the basic color to use. Then the treatment will start, applying the product always on unwashed and dry hair. Then the crown will be divided into four parts and the product will be applied, using a brush, starting from the nape. Once the product has been applied to the hair, the shutter speed will start. Finally the hair will be washed and a shampoo will be applied to eliminate the residual color.

Shampoo and hair care

The secret to making a good hair wash is not to apply large quantities of shampoo. Instead, it is more important to perform a fractional massage of the scalp. In general, the technique involves tapping the scalp with your fingertips, massaging with your fingertips and performing more or less energetic frictions. This serves to promote blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. In fact, periodic hair massages, promote relaxation, decrease stress (those with hectic and stressful lifestyles are more prone to hair loss) limit and hinder baldness.

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